Want to pitch a story for Cogitate, our audio broadcast?

Ask yourself:

Is this story a revealing exploration of something nobody's heard before? Will it grab our listening audience by the ears, then box or caress them? Will it be downright impossible to stop listening once one starts - because the narrator or interviewee is a great talker and the story's conflict, twist or mystery won't be revealed right away but instead unfold in a satisfying series of surprises? 

If the answer to every question is "Yes," read on:

Cogitate deals in truth, not fiction (though blurred lines in literary pieces - poetry or prose - are fine) and we prefer it straight from the source. Therefore, our shows often consist of three segments: one a literary piece (check out John Panzer's segment in the Shifty episode); one a thought piece (Lisa Schiffman's Shifty segment); one an interview (Tay Off the Top's Shifty segment). Cogitate doesn't plug or degrade any organization, perspective or individual. Cogitate stories aren't cogitation/meditation; rather, they >cause< cogitation and meditation on the listener's part.

Still with us? Read on: 

Relay the fundamental aspects of your story in half a page or so.

Give us a sense of the tone as well as the story arc: beginning, middle and end. Let us know who will tell the story, and what makes him or her a good talker. 

We will let you know whether the story's right for an upcoming episode of Cogitate (it may be a great story, but simply not fit in with our upcoming themes). If it is, prepare to be heard. 

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.