Submissions: For filmmakers: we accept general, previously unreleased video submissions here in the ether only; not via postal services or email. Please format your submission in one of the following file types: .mp4, MOV or WMV. 

For folks with an idea we can translate to video: Want to pitch a video idea for the COG Original Video Series, to be produced by Cogswell Polytechnical College students in the San Francisco Bay Area?

Ask yourself: 

Will my idea translate to an eye-grabbing, ear-invading video audiences can't tear away from? Can it be produced on a college's shoestring budget? (The shoestring is invisible, in fact, and weighs nothing.) 

If the answer to every question is "Yes," read on:

COG's original videos must be:

  • Literary, i.e. storytelling founded in prose (including fiction, creative nonfiction and journalism) or poetry (including spoken word, etc.) but... the video need not be of a storyteller. It can tell a story with whatever images you see fit. 
  • Arts-drenched: featuring music, visual art, film, literature, dance... the arts.

Still with us? Read on: 

Relay the fundamental aspects of your video pitch in half a page or so. 

Give us a sense of the tone as well as the story arc: beginning, middle and end. Let us know who will be in the video, and what you expect from COG's close-knit production team. 

We will let you know whether the idea is right for an upcoming issue (it may be a great story, but simply not fit in with this quarter's issue). If it is, prepare to be seen.

Technical Difficulties: If you have any questions or encounter technical difficulties, please connect with us

Formatting: 720 to 1080 resolution. 

Submission Period: Video submissions (general) may be sent to Cog anytime, year-round.

Simultaneous and Multiple Submissions: We accept simultaneous submissions, so long as you contact us immediately if your work is accepted elsewhere. We also accept multiple submissions.

Response Time: We aim to be prompt. That said, we are a small and close-knit staff comprised of Soma Mei Sheng Frazier and her students at Cogswell Polytechnical College. Please bear with us, and feel free to contact us if we do not respond to your general submission within three months.

Submission Fees: Three of COG's four carefully curated issues per annum are provided to our international audience for free - and we eschew the practice of charging even a nominal fee for unsolicited submissions. So have at it: upload your work for our consideration, free of charge. Then, consider subscribing to the print issue of COG or entering one of our fantabulous contests - each of which helps cover the basic administrative costs related to producing a high caliber, multimedia, online and print publication. All payments to COG support COG's hardworking student staff in planning, producing, publishing, distributing and promoting the issue. Our aim is to shine a spotlight on the work of debut and emerging writers alongside that of highly visible authors - and your support advances that aim.

Payment to Artists: COG pays artists by producing your work free of cost, and shouting your name from the mountaintops. Rights revert to you, although we reserve - ad infinitum - the chance to present your work as part of our efforts to promote COG. We also pay authors via our two annual Awards contests. 

Video Submission Guidelines: We consider...

  • Video submissions of any length. 
  • Multiple submissions. 
  • Simultaneous submissions, so long as you notify us immediately should the piece be accepted elsewhere.
  • Pitches for videos to be produced by students at Cogswell Polytechnical College.

We do not consider: 

  • Previously released work, or work scheduled to be released elsewhere prior to Cog's next issue. 
  • Excerpts from larger works that cannot also stand on their own as short videos.
  • Screenplays, treatments, poetry, artwork or design submissions.
  • Work not in English.

We invite filmmakers whose work falls outside of the COG Original Video Series (general) submission criteria to explore our other submission categories.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.